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Can You Use Hot Water in a Pressure Washer

Water pressure washers can clean large areas regularly.

Pressure washers make cleaning easier and faster. “Which pressure washer should I buy?” “How do hot and cold washers differ? Hot water in my pressure washer?

First-time buyers ask these questions.

Hot water pressure washers have pros and cons.

This article addresses pressure washer users’ questions about using hot water.

Pressure Washer Differences

Pressure washers are expensive; thus, customers research which washers meet their needs.

They have many classifications. Gas or electricity powers them for commercial or residential use. Cold-water and hot-water pressure washers exist.

Buyers must choose between cold and hot water pressure washers. What distinguishes them?

Hot-Water Pressure Washers

Power Washing Commercial Area

Hot water pressure washers have a market, even though cold water ones are more common. Professionals prefer hot water pressure washers because they remove grease and oil better.

Hot water pressure washers have pumps and heating elements. This element heats washer water to dissolve grease and cut oils.

Hot water pressure washers clean better. Their water pump gives them cold water pressure.

Hot water pressure washers are ideal for commercial and heavy-duty cleaning. The hot water and pressured force make this tool ideal for dislodging debris and dissolving grease, oil, and dirt on the surface.

Hot water pressure washers may melt softer surfaces and materials. Avoid this option if you don’t clean oily surfaces.

Cold-Water Pressure Washers

Cold-water pressure washers clean well. These pressure washers clean concrete driveways and metal cars.

Cold pressure washers break up debris using water pressure. Hot water is the main reason hot-water pressure washers clean better. Detergent improves surface cleaning.

Cold water is best for cleaning filthy surfaces. Cold-water pressure washing removes dirt cheaper than hot-water pressure washing.

Wood and plastic, which distort at high temperatures, prefer cold water. Cold water is best for power washing decks, siding, vehicles, and boats.

Only a hot-water pressure washer can remove oil and grease better than a cold-water one.

Hot Water for the Pressure Washer?

You can only use hot-water-rated pressure washers. Cold-water pressure washers won’t work. You’ll likely break the pressure washer and get poor results. There are cold and hot pressure washers for a reason.

Some damage perfect cold water pressure washers by using hot water. Pumpless units. They cannot heat water to the required temperature. Hot water can be pumped through them. It could damage your pressure washer, requiring a replacement.

Avoid using a cold-water pressure washer that can produce hot water. It cannot remove oil and grease stains. A hot water pressure washer performs better. You’ll waste money and time.

Can I Pressure Wash with Warm Water?

Warm-water pressure washers predominate. This cleaning method is gentler on paint, glass, and other surfaces.

Your water heater’s maximum temperature and machine type determine water temperature.

Electric pressure washers allow 160-degree water. The gas pressure washer spray’s distance affects the hot water temperature.

Remember these facts:

A hot water pressure washer’s pump and changeover valves must be powered at 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pressure washers can use warm or cold water below 130°F. Get an excellent clean without risking your machine.

Hot water pressure washers can clean more complex surfaces and softer ones. Cold water is best for fragile surfaces like vinyl siding and stone or brick pavers because it has less force.

How To Choose a Pressure Washer

Hot Water Pressure Washers: When to Use?

Most tasks, especially domestic ones, are better with a cold-water pressure washer, but some may benefit from a hot-water one. Examples:

Hot water may be needed to remove oil from engines and other automotive parts. Trucking companies and other heavy equipment operators buy hot water pressure washers, while home hobbyists rent them.

Waste management: Regular dumpster cleaning without hot water pressure washers is inconvenient. Cold-water pressure washers work for a one-time cleaning.

Food service: Hot water pressure washers may be required for small food service businesses.

Construction: Hot water pressure washers clean heavy equipment.

Manufacturing can be messy. Manufacturers buy hot-water pressure washers.


Hot water for pressure washers? Yes, with a hot-water pressure washer. These are designed for hot water and can complete the task. If you need hot water, get a pressure washer that can handle it.

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