We have hundreds of repeat residential and commercial customers here in Arizona and have also traveled as far away as Maryland and Seattle for some industrial-sized projects.
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Cabin Restoration

We rejuvenate log cabins across America, restoring their original beauty and charm.

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Media Blasting

Our media blasting techniques safely and efficiently clean various surfaces without causing damage.

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Pressure Washing

We deliver high-pressure washing services to clean and refresh your home or business exteriors.

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Swimming Pool Tile and Clean-Up

Our services include thorough cleaning and restoration of swimming pool tiles to their original luster.

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Graffiti Removal

We offer quick and effective removal of graffiti, revitalizing the appearance of your property.

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Painting and Staining

Our painting and staining services enhance and protect your property's aesthetic appeal.

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Sand Blasting

We specialize in sand blasting for deep cleaning and preparation of surfaces for refinishing.

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Soda Blasting

Soda blasting provides a gentle yet effective cleaning solution for delicate surfaces.

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Specialty Services

We offer a range of specialty cleaning services tailored to meet unique customer needs.

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Tank and Metal Blasting

We provide tank and metal blasting services for industrial cleaning and surface preparation.

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Wood Restoration

Our wood restoration services revive the natural beauty and integrity of your wooden structures.

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Contractor Services

Our team provides comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services for construction sites and contractors.

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With over 25 years of dedication to excellence, Miracle Maintenance has established a reputable standing in the industry, underscored by our A+ rating with the BBB. We proudly hold the AZROC 296901 mobile sandblasting and AZROC 340099 painting and staining licenses, affirming our commitment to professional service and high standards. Our extensive range of services caters to diverse needs, from paint removal for historic or block homes to comprehensive hot water pressure washing for sidewalks, driveways, and more. We specialize in fire restoration, log cabin restoration, graffiti removal, and paint preparation to ensure your property looks its best and maintains its integrity and value. Furthermore, our expertise extends to tank and metal blasting, hard water deposit removal, pool ring removal, and custom projects tailored to specific requirements. Noteworthy projects include blasting for the AZ Cardinal football field and media blasting for the tanks at Odysea Aquarium. Whether a one-time service or regular maintenance, Miracle Maintenance is equipped to handle jobs of all sizes and complexities, including specialized services for restaurants and other commercial establishments.


The team at Miracle Maintenance has been delivering professional & reliable service to the central Arizona community since 1997. We do free estimates, schedule the work promptly, and get to work for you.

  • Cabin Restoration
  • Contractor Restoration
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Painting and Staining
  • Pressure Washing
  • Sand Blasting
  • Soda Blasting
  • Specialty Services
  • Swimming Pool Clean-Up
  • Tank and Metal Blasting
  • Wood Restoration
  • Power Washing

What Our Clients Say

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Brent and Doug and crew did a great job. The transformation is absolutely amazing and I have much better peace of mind that the wood is well protected.

Jeff Schroeder
Home Owner
Image thumbnail

I wish everyone conducted business with the professionalism and friendly nature Brent offers his clients.

Jason Kelly
Image thumbnail

We’ve worked with Brent and the Miracle Maintenance Team for over a decade and have had nothing but great experiences. The team is knowledgeable in their craft and execute the job according to plan!

Gary Ghaster
Ghaster Painting and Coatings
Image thumbnail

I did not know our cabin could be so pretty!! It look like a cabin!! I guess I always assumed the half logs just didn’t look like real logs, but they do!! I am so pleased with the work you and your crew did!

Log Cabin Owner
Image thumbnail

When one of our schools is tagged with graffiti, my first call is to Miracle Maintenance… not only do they provide excellent work, they provide a quick turnaround.


Say Goodbye to Dirt and Grime - Schedule Now!

Unlock Your Property’s True Potential. Get Started with Our Power Washing Services Today.

Discover the difference professional power washing can make for your home or business. Our specialized services not only remove years of dirt and grime but also protect and enhance your property's curb appeal. With Miracle Maintenance, you're choosing a team committed to excellence and attention to detail. Let us rejuvenate your exteriors, paving the way for a cleaner, more inviting space. Why wait? Transform your property today!

Restore Your Pool’s Gleam - Book Your Pool Tile Cleaning Now!

Bring Back the Shine. Expert Pool Tile Cleaning Awaits.

Revitalize the look of your pool with our professional pool tile cleaning services. Our experts use safe, effective methods to remove calcium deposits, scale, and grime, restoring the beauty and brilliance of your pool tiles without damaging them. By choosing our services, you ensure your pool area remains a sparkling oasis for relaxation and enjoyment. Don't let dull, dirty tiles detract from your pool's allure. Schedule your pool tile cleaning today and swim in the clarity you deserve.

Reclaim the Rustic Charm - Schedule Your Log Cabin Restoration!

Experience Renewed Beauty. Discover Our Log Cabin Restoration Expertise.

Enjoy your log cabin's true potential with our comprehensive restoration services. From combating wear and tear to addressing weather damage, our skilled team employs traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques to preserve the integrity and enhance the aesthetics of your cabin. Whether it's refinishing, sealing, or repairing, we're dedicated to reviving the original splendor of your retreat. Don't let time diminish the beauty of your log cabin. Book your restoration today and enjoy a timeless haven tomorrow.

Erase Unwanted Graffiti - Schedule Your Removal Today!

Restore Your Property’s Prestige with Our Graffiti Removal Services.

Reclaim your property's pristine appearance with Miracle Maintenance's expert graffiti removal services. We understand the urgency and sensitivity required to address vandalism effectively. Our team uses the latest techniques and eco-friendly solutions to safely and completely remove graffiti, ensuring your property's aesthetic is not just restored but protected for the future. Don't let graffiti tarnish your image. Contact us now for swift, discreet, and thorough removal services.

The most reliable power washing and maintenance company in Arizona.

Our crew of expert power washers and restoration experts are available nationwide.


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