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Professional Sand Blasting Services

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There are certain phases or words that people use every day…How often do you ask the server at a restaurant for a “Coke” and they say is “Pepsi” ok? Or you ask for a Kleenex and in reality, you just need a tissue.  The same applies to the term sandblasting.  Yes, at one time, people did use sand to blast.  The reality is that professional media blasters are not allowed to use sand due to the silica content and the industry has evolved into using products that are much more environmentally conscious and safe to use.

Because sandblasting is still a recognized term in society, we will use the term and typically follow up with the following statement.  Yes, we sandblast, but we don’t use sand.  We use products that are environmentally friendly allowing us to offer better results.

At Miracle Maintenance, we promise to always give you fast, reliable, and genuinely outstanding sandblasting services. From houses, to boats, to specialty services:  we cannot be beaten, and we have both C-5 specialty licenses for mobile media blasting (AZROC 296901) in Arizona. Our expert sandblasters will carefully choose media that is best for your project and we can work on many surfaces, including metal, wood, concrete, brick, and block.

Commercial Sandblasting

Just as we do for residential homes, we will remove coats of paint from businesses if our service is needed. But we can also restore historic buildings and return the block and brick to a natural look. We can blast wood beams on the interior of properties, to make them more visible and attractive. We work hard to ensure an attractive, even and consistent finish.

Residential Sandblasting

We remove old stains, paint, and water damage from wood ceilings and beams, ensuring a consistent, even look that also brightens the room. For brick and block, we restore their natural appearance or remove failing paint for a bondable painting surface. We also eliminate unsightly white rings around pools using the proper media. Plus, our estimates are always free!

Cosmetic Services

Miracle Maintenance also specializes in removing etch from concrete for surface preparation or incorporating special designs to meet unique needs. We are committed to ensuring every customer is satisfied with our work. Our goal is to provide exceptional service that goes beyond just meeting expectations. We believe in creating lasting impressions with our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.



It may seem that blasting equipment is simple; the proper media and air are mixed in a chamber, and the mixture is directed toward the object in question, thoroughly cleaning it. However, our expert technicians are on hand to choose the nozzle in the correct size, shape, and material to suit your unique needs. Our employees know exactly what the best method and material is for your project, and we offer a variety of services to suit your needs. We truly offer an unbeatable service.



  • Rust Removal
  • Paint Removal
  • Surface Preparation
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Vehicle Restoration
  • Building Façade Cleaning
  • Wood Restoration
  • Glass Etching
  • Metal Prep for Powder Coating
  • Impacted Dirt Removal
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