We have hundreds of repeat residential and commercial customers here in Arizona and have also traveled as far away as Maryland and Seattle for some industrial-sized projects.
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Miracle Maintenance is the company to which other media blasting and pressure washing companies refer specialty jobs that are too big or just too complex. Over the last twenty-five years, we have been tested and challenged with jobs that are hundreds of miles from our hub, thirty-plus stories high, require a background check and high level of security, and are in extreme remote locations.

State Farm Stadium/Arizona Cardinals Football Field

The football field basically sits in a gigantic flowerpot that rolls in and out of the stadium on tracks. The field takes about 30 minutes to move to the outside of the stadium for maintenance and sunlight. When the stadium was designed, the architects included a tunnel/ bay area located within the exterior area where the field sits. (Picture an oil change bay for your car to have its oil changed) This area allows you to walk the width of the field and inspect the underside of the field. Over the years, the field leaked onto the metal frame holding up the field which created numerous rust spots and corrosion.

Working around the busy schedule of State Farm Stadium, Miracle Maintenance was brought in to media blast the rust and corrosion spots and property prep the metal so it could be coated with a rust inhibiting paint/coating. The job was a gigantic team effort between the staff of State Farm Stadium, the media blasting crew, and the coating crew. The project took over a year to complete working around the NFL football schedule, concerts, and other large-scale events.

Log Cabin Restoration

We travel all over the state of Arizona and bordering states of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. We are passionate about log cabin restoration and are known as one of the top staining and restoration contractors in the nation. We have traveled 90 miles down a dirt road to restore a cabin for the National Park Service in the Parashant National Monument. We have been to Mt Charleston Nevada, outside of Las Vegas and Window Rock AZ. Most of the cabins we work on are located within a 2-3 hour drive of Phoenix. Show low, Pinetop, Happy Jack, Strawberry, Pine, Payson, Prescott, Flagstaff, Heber. Forrest Lakes, Overgarrd, Skull Valley, Prescott Valley, Cochise, Mt Lemon, and many more in between

We are confident the team at Miracle Maintenance can help you with your next project. No matter the size or location. Please give us a call to discuss your job.

Decorative Metal

Many buildings have decorative metal installed on the side of the building to enhance the overall appearance. During the curing process, one company was having issues with stain’s forming on their metal. The stains were discovered after the metal was installed at the job site. We were contacted by a local representative for this particular company to see if we could remove the stains off the installed metal. My expert team tried many options and ultimately discovered a combination of hot water, pressure, and a certain cleaning chemical removed the stains and returned the metal to a like new appearance. This company sent us to University of Washington Medical School in Seattle, Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Cedar Sanai Hospital in Los Angeles, and to their headquarters office located in Maryland. We took the time to find the solution and saved this company millions of dollars along the way.

Fuel Storage Tanks

The general contractor hired by Circle K to build new fuel storage tanks at their distribution center have trusted Miracle Maintenance to media blast and provide the appropriate profile on their new fuel and diesel storage tanks. These tanks are 60 to 70 feet tall with a 5000 sq ft footprint. Each tank required over 40.000 sq ft of blasting. The interior required a SSPC-SP 10 white blast and the exterior required and SSPC-SP6 blast. Our work had to past rigorous inspections before the coating could be applied. The work was on a tight time frame and had to be completed on schedule. We have worked on five separate tank projects and have completed the on schedule or in some cases earlier than expected.

Historic Brick and block Buildings

Miracle Maintenance is the first choice when restoring your brick or block structures. We are the only company in Arizona that offers both hot water pressure washing and media blasting. We have found that most brick building require both hot-water power washing and appropriate media selection and blasting. Brick is a soft surface, which can easily be damaged if not handled properly. Please rely on the expertise of our team to properly handle your restoration. Notable projects include the Luhrs Building in downtown Phoenix, the old Tuft and Needle building on Grand Ave. in downtown Phoenix, the YMCA building in downtown Phoenix, and the historic US Post Office in downtown Mesa.

Odysea Aquarium

During the construction process of Odysea Aquarium, we were brought into media blast over 80 tanks in the aquarium including the huge tanks that house the sea lions and sharks. In order for the coating to properly adhere, the tank surface required a certain profile. Using the appropriate media, Miracle Maintenance media blasted each tank prior to the coating being applied. We have continued our relationship with Odysea Aquarium and we have been brought back to help with maintenance coatings of certain tanks within the aquarium.



It may seem that blasting equipment is simple; the proper media and air are mixed in a chamber, and the mixture is directed toward the object in question, thoroughly cleaning it. However, our expert technicians are on hand to choose the nozzle in the correct size, shape, and material to suit your unique needs. Our employees know exactly what the best method and material is for your project, and we offer a variety of services to suit your needs. We truly offer an unbeatable service.


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