We have hundreds of repeat residential and commercial customers here in Arizona and have also traveled as far away as Maryland and Seattle for some industrial-sized projects.
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Cabin Painting and Staining

Cabin Painting and Staining Services

Arizona's Premier Wood Staining and Painting Company

Miracle Maintenance has been media blasting and restoring cabins for over 20 years. We will blast, grind, and sand the wood for the optimal bondable surface to apply stain. We recognized a need for a professional painting and staining company to carry the project to the end. We ultimately decided the best route would be for Miracle Maintenance to handle the project from start to finish. We are a fully licensed media blasting and painting company in the state of Arizona. The customer only deals with one company from start to finish, and by dealing with only one company, we improved the communication, the turnaround time, and the overall results.

The first step is to have us look at your cabin and give us our professional opinion on what exactly your cabin needs. We will examine your cabin in person and advise if a recoat will be adequate or if you need to consider a full-on restoration of your cabin for the optimal results.

8 Steps To Professional Wood Restoration

Step 1. We use the proper media to blast off the old stain. Typically, we use a glass media or walnut.

Step 2. Depending on the condition of the wood, we will grind areas to remove soft and brittle wood.

Step 3. We will use a palm sander to go over the exterior wood/logs to provide a consistent surface.

Step 4. We will use the appropriate material to fill in check and crack, where necessary.

Step 5. We will apply a primer coat per manufacturer recommendations using the back brush method.

Step 6. We will apply the initial coat of stain using the back brush method.

Step 7. We will the final coat of stain using the back brush method.

Step 8. (optional) – Some stains have a protective topcoat that is applied at this point.

When a cabin is fully restored, we will go around the cabin at least seven times. To complete the project, we can paint garage doors, fascia, and other surfaces requiring paint to complete the project.


Cabin Staining and Painting Services Include:

  • Media Blasting
  • Wood Grinding
  • Sanding
  • Filling Cracks
  • Primer Application
  • Initial Stain Coat
  • Final Stain Coat
  • Topcoat Application (Optional)
  • Site Cleanup
  • Final Inspection
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We are licensed painters, please give us a call for a free estimate.

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