We have hundreds of repeat residential and commercial customers here in Arizona and have also traveled as far away as Maryland and Seattle for some industrial-sized projects.
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Expert Log Cabin Restoration Services

Cabin Restoration

Log Cabin Restoration

Expert Wood Restoration Services

Miracle Maintenance has been restoring cabins in Arizona and the surrounding border states for almost two decades and in that time, we have restored over 350 cabins.  From the 800 sq foot get-a-way cabin to the 10,000 sq foot lodge, Miracle Maintenance is recognized as one the leaders in log home restoration.  Whether your log home is a weekend getaway, a permanent residence, or a vacation rental, by removing the old stain, we can restore your beloved home to a like-new condition and preserve it for the future.

We use media blasting to remove the old/failing stain and follow up by grinding/sanding to provide an optimal surface for the stain to adhere to. We will explain every step that needs to be done and provide a detailed cost breakdown. We will also communicate how long it will take to complete the job. We want to earn your business and set up a long-term relationship to maintain your cabin. 

Good quality stains will last 4-5 years before a maintenance coat of stain should be applied.  If you wait too long, there is a good chance the stain will begin to fail and wood damage will start to occur.

Miracle Maintenance is recognized as log home professionals and preferred applicator for Permachink and a top applicator for Sashco stain products.

Proper Stain Selection

Most likely the exterior walls of your cabin are exposed to extreme temperature variations. The walls can heat up to 100+ degrees in the summer and 0 degrees in the winter. When choosing a stain, make sure it has the elasticity to expand and contract with these temperatures. All stains are not the same and some are more appropriate for log homes. Please visit sashco.com and permachink.com for more information.


Treat maintenance of the wood on your cabin with the same intensity as you exercise when your child is going swimming and you are applying suntan lotion. You apply suntan lotion before they go swimming, after a few hours, you apply more suntan lotion. If you wait until they are burnt and apply more suntan lotion, the damage has already occurred.

Experienced Personnel

Miracle Maintenance has two experienced crews to handle your job from start to finish. The prep crew will media blast, grind, and sand your cabin as needed. The staining crew is experienced and trained on how to properly apply the stain to manufacture recommendations. I am proud to say that the original crew that restored our first cabin will be working on your place…our crews have over 350 cabins of experience under their belt.

Miracle Maintenance Professional Wood Restoration

What is the condition of your log cabin?

How long has it been since stain was applied to your cabin? Does the wood feel dry? Ultimately, we will need to look at your cabin in person to provide a proper evaluation. In general, if the stain is flaking or peeling off, we will most likely need to remove the old stain through media blasting, grinding, and/or sanding. We need to remove the old failing stain to provide a bondable surface for the new stain to adhere properly.


When we come to your cabin for the free estimate, we will explain every step that needs to be done. We will give you a detailed cost breakdown and tell you exactly how long it will take to complete the job. We want your business, and we want you to tell your friends about us.

  • Inspection and Assessment
  • Stripping Old Finish
  • T & G Lids
  • Replacing Damaged Logs
  • Support Beam Restoration
  • Repairing Cracks and Checks
  • Treating for Pests
  • Sanding and Surface Preparation
  • Applying Stain and Sealant
  • Deck Resurfacing
  • Garage, Shed and Tree Houses
  • Restore Windows and Door Frames
  • Improving Insulation
  • Refinishing Interiors
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