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How to Clean Log Cabin Interior Walls

The prospect of cleaning the inside logs of years’ worth of dirt and filth may feel overwhelming. But our guide makes it more doable.

How to Clean Log Cabin Interior Walls

If you take the time to maintain your log cabin wall the right way, you will have a home that is not only gorgeous but also a calming place where you will want to spend your time. Sadly, many individuals aren’t aware of how to properly maintain wood walls inside their homes. If you wish for the log walls inside your home to continue to seem as handsome and healthy as the day they were erected, follow these three suggestions.

Apply a stain to the logs on your inside walls to protect them.

Wood that hasn’t been treated in any way will deteriorate over time. It will deteriorate to the point that it comes apart and turns into mulch if it is allowed to sit there undisturbed. This process, utilizing dead trees as food for new plant growth, contributes to the maintenance of healthy forest ecosystems. You don’t want your barriers to be destroyed in the process, even though it could improve the health of the woodlands. Staining your logs will prevent them from decaying naturally over time. It is common practice for some individuals to apply a stain on their log homes that alters the color of the wood.

Maintaining the Cleanliness of Your Interior Log Walls

The process of staining your inside log walls will protect them, but it won’t keep them clean. Dust, soot, and dirt can accumulate on your walls over time if you don’t clean them regularly. To solve this issue, you must be familiar with the appropriate way to clean them. You can use oil soap to clean your log walls if you only need to remove some accumulated filth. Apply a little oil soap to your walls with a sponge and do it lightly. After using the soap, you should then clean the walls using rags.

You might have to scrub certain places more thoroughly than others. If you give your walls a thorough washing regularly (about once a month), you will prevent them from gathering dirt and filth. It is simple to maintain clean walls so long as a routine is followed consistently.

Maintaining the Interior of a Log CabinRepairing Walls That Have Obvious Signs of Wear And Tear

Log walls that exhibit considerable signs of age, such as stains, discoloration, and the like, are unlikely to respond favorably to a cleaning solution. In that situation, you will need to remove the outer layer of the wood from the piece. It will need sanding the walls so you can get to the sound wood underneath. Sandpaper with fine grit is typically required to remove wood stains. In most cases, you can accomplish this task by hand.

If the color is particularly severe, you might consider using an orbital sander to simplify the job. While sanding, if you discover any mold, you can kill it by adding vinegar to the affected area with a clean brush. After removing the top layer of the wood, you will need to re-stain the region to prevent the wood from deteriorating again. Maintaining the quality of a log home requires that it be serviced regularly.

To our relief, much of the log cabin cleaning and maintenance tasks are straightforward. You should be able to complete the job in one day. Keep in mind that you can protect the log walls inside your home from harm by keeping them clean. One of the most efficient strategies to prevent stains and rot is regularly cleaning the area.

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